Money Saving Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

All of us are constantly working hard on a daily basis. Whether you’re working in the corporate world or as a bus driver or even a teacher, we’re all trying to save as much money as we can for our future. As the world keeps advancing in various aspects, day to day life seems like it’s getting faster and more expensive. People are hustling and bustling just to make an extra ringgit, and reminiscing over their childhood when things didn’t seem expensive and money wasn’t a priority.

But even in this fast pacing and expensive era, saving money isn’t impossible. Instead of always eating out on your work lunch break, pack a homemade lunch for yourself. It will not only save you a few extra ringgits per meal, but it will also be much healthier than fast foods.

Another way to save money is to avoid impulsive and unnecessary shopping. Which means to only buy what you need and what is necessary, and not spend on an outfit you may wear once in your life or maybe not even ever. If you feel like you may not remember what is necessary or may forget what to buy when you go to the store, make a list of what you may need and only shop for those items.

When taking a loan from the bank, do your research first and find the lowest interest plan, so that in the long run, you don’t find yourself under debt. And if you do end up in debt or owing someone money, make sure to clear the debt before starting to save up. Houses such as seni mont kiara condo kuala lumpur for rent and buy pantai hillpark property will surely suit your budget more.

When you receive your salary for each month, try to take out 10% and deposit it into a savings account or somewhere separate from the rest of your money. This way, for example if you receive RM 3000 a month, you can save up to RM 300 per month. This accumulated at the end of the year can reach up to RM 3600.

Try to quit bad habits such as smoking. Smoking is not only an expensive habit but is also very unhealthy and can lead to many diseases, especially when one is heavily addicted to smoking at least 1-2 cigarette packs a day. Gambling is also another bad addiction, as you tend to lose a lot more money than you make. In most cases, people turn to get loans and find themselves under heavy debt as they cannot manage their heavy gambling addiction.

In residential buildings such as G Residence Desa Pandan, buy property pantai hillpark for sale and buy property seni mont kiara kl the electricity and other utility bills can sometimes get fairly high. Using the air conditioner less often can severely cut down on electricity costs. Even decreasing the water heater temperature can lower the cost of energy used.
Reading books, instead of watching cable television and Netflix all the time, not helps you save more money but it also helps to keep the mind fresh and active. They are much cheaper than cable and online subscriptions.