NanoFlash HD Recorder and Player by Convergent Design

Nowadays, the capacity to make things littler and progressively smaller rules. Presently, the development of the world’s littlest excellent HD/SD/SDI/HDMI recorder/player truly brings “structure follows work” to reality.

The world’s littlest, generally flexible, excellent Convergent structure HD/SD/SDI/HDMI recorder/player has quite recently shown up!

Offering a drastically better picture, this nanoFlash HD Recorder/Player additionally is liberated from picture issues, for example, movement curios and mosquito commotion, offering a superior picture than some top of the line cameras. The capacity to withstand extraordinary temperatures, high mugginess, high elevations – high vibrations and high G-powers, makes the use of this recorder/player very appealing for an enormous assortment of employments, explicitly, communication applications.

The nanoFlash is a two-card variant of Convergent Design’s bigger Flash XDR, and speaks to an ideal size unit for on-camera use. This unit records video, sound and time-code from a HD-SDI stream onto Compact debris c (CF) cards, and utilizes the top notch Sony 4:2:2 MPEG2 CODEC for pressure. With its little size (4-7/8″ high x 3-3/4″ wide x 1-3/8″ thick), weighing short of what one-half pound, it is all strong state, rough, and with no moving parts, furnished with SDI and HDMI I/O just as connectors for far off and power. This recorder/player has the most reduced force at under 10W dynamic and under 2W backup, making this nanoFlash ready to upset the business. It is a convenient, camcorder-mountable nanoFlash, bringing cutting edge innovation into a little Compact blaze HD/SD/SDI and HDMI recorder/player.

Intended to record more excellent pictures than the camera itself, and utilizing the cameras uncompressed 4:2:2 HD-SDI or HDMI yield, nanoFlash acknowledges an approaching HD/SD-SDISD-SDISD-SDI video signal, with inserted sound and time code or a HDMI video and sound sign. The nanoFlash records the video/sound as MPEG2 at client chosen bit-rates, utilizing Long-GOP or Intra Frame recording, in local Quicktime for Final Cut Pro, or MXF for Avid, Sony Vegas, Edius and other non-straight editors. The entirety of this permits the client to pick, for each shoot, a proper picture quality, document size, document type and most extreme length of recording. The information is recorded to Compact Flash cards, in either local Quicktime or local MXF document designs. The NanoFlash incorporates both HD/SD-SDISD-SDISD-SDI In and Out just as HDMI In and out. The HD/SD-SDISD-SDISD-SDI associations are made through a standard BNC connector, while the HDMI I/O utilizes the new kind C scaled down HDMI connector. Any camera which yields SDI or HMDI might be utilized with the nanoFlash, including Sony models FCB-H11 (with the HDSDI choice), BRC-H700, BRC-Z700, and EVI-D, EVI-HD3v and the EVI-HD7V; Toshiba models IKHR1S, IKHD1 and IKHR1CS; and Hitachi model HV-HD30.

Using two Compact Flash card spaces, this little miracle records flawlessly starting with one card then onto the next. Recording Time is as per the following (with two 32GB CF cards): 420 minutes at 19 Mbps; 160 minutes at 50 Mbps; 80 minutes at 100 Mbps, and 50 minutes at 160 Mbps.


  • Wide Range of Frame Rates
  • Supports HD-SDI, SD-SDI and HDMI inputs
  • Works with most any camera with HD/SD-SDI or HDMI yields
  • HD/SD-SDI and HDMI yields dynamic at the same time
  • Long, Uninterrupted Recording Times
  • Supports Timecode and Audio installed in HD/SD-SDI
  • Supports Audio installed in HDMI
  • Supports Analog Audio, 24-Bit/48K, with up to 44 dB of increase by means of 3.5 mm sound information, good with tape-out signs
  • One Channel adjusted sound customer line level/mic, or Two Channel uneven sound purchaser line level/mic
  • All sound recorded at 24-Bit/48K Uncompressed
  • Earphone/Consumer line-level yields
  • The picture quality created by the nanoFlash is actually equivalent to the Flash XDR.
  • Uses Low-Cost, High-Performance CompactFlash┬« Media
  • Camcorder Mountable, camcorder battery mount choice