What Does The Bible Say About Wine?

As an authority of Bible quotes and an incredible admirer of citations accordingly, maybe it is time I expound on precisely what the Bible says about wine. It might furnish us with some persuasive musings in regards to this brilliant beverage!

The Bible itself discusses sorts of wine: new, old, matured, and refined. It likewise makes reference to a portion of its highlights when it is produced using grapes, blended, kept in bottles, or kept in wine skins. Keep in mind: wine jugs and wine racks didn’t yet exist!

A few Biblical people are referenced as utilizing wine: Noah, Melchizedek, Isaac, Ester, Jesus, and Timothy. Now and again, it was utilized as a contribution, as a beverage, happy or something else, as a disinfectant, as a medication, and as medication! Wine was additionally utilized in making contributions, in marvels, and at the Last Supper. All the citations including these utilization were positive.

Then again, the Bible cautions of inebriation and tipsiness, It likewise has passes on reasonable alerts about wine’s malevolent impacts: that it prompts brutality; it derides a man; it might make an individual poor; it chomps like a snake; it might debilitate judgment; it kindles interests; and it subjugates the heart. At long last, the Good Book talks metaphorically that wine speaks to God’s fierceness, the gifts of astuteness, the Gospel, the blood of Christ, and sex.

Before we start with the quotes, assembled in classifications by different books of the Bible, how about we think about some general insights. Wine is referenced in an aggregate of 193 citations in the Old Testament, and 37 in the New Testament. Excellent absolute is 230!

The rundown of books in the Old Testament follows, with the quantity of material citations in each book:

  • Genesis: 12
  • Exodus: 1
  • Leviticus: 2
  • Numbers: 9
  • Deuteronomy: 13
  • Joshua: 2
  • Judges: 5
  • 1 Samuel: 7
  • 2 Samuel: 4
  • 2 Kings: 1
  • 1 Chronicles: 4
  • 2 Chronicles: 5
  • Ezra: 2
  • Nehemiah: 10
  • Esther: 6
  • Job: 3
  • Psalms: 5
  • Proverbs: 11
  • Ecclesiastes: 3
  • Song of Solomon: 6
  • Isaiah: 21
  • Jeremiah: 16
  • Lamentations: 1
  • Ezekiel: 2
  • Daniel: 8
  • Hosea: 11
  • Joel: 7
  • Amos: 6
  • Micah: 3
  • Habakkuk: 1
  • Zephaniah: 1
  • Haggai: 2
  • Zechariah: 3

The rundown of books in the New Testament follows, with the quantity of material citations in each book:

Matthew: 3

Mark: 5

Luke: 7

John: 6

Acts: 1

Romans: 1

Ephesians: 1

1Timothy: 3

Titus: 2

1 Peter: 1

Revelations: 7

All through a few articles to follow, I will expound on all these different citations. May you discover them extremely fascinating, inspirational, and maybe moving. Raise your glass of wine!